I am SO glad you found your way here! I am Mindy Hulett! I'm a tattooed photographing bad ass, Based in Central NY, I found a love for capturing and connecting with my clients. I'm the type that becomes far more than just your photographer.

I’m for the non-traditional couple. Adventurous souls who crave more than just simple photos. I’m all about capturing emotions and putting that into images for you to have FOREVER. I'm passionate about empowering women, expressing self love and finding your inner beauty. For the lovers of all shapes, sizes, colors. I just think it's cool to be who you are. 

Working with me.

I want our time together to feel like

a Date Night

I dont think you're ready 

You're the coolest f*in People on this Planet

I'm Mindy! 
You're wild at heart 

This is what its like

for this type of shit

style guide 

this way

i dont know what to wear..

Like to take a walk on the wilde side... 

boudoir with 

Fair Haven

hello, lover

Intimate Elopement
Ithaca NY.

Sailing on Little Sodus Bay, Fair Haven

Loving each other More..

(spoiler alert : They're epic)

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