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i'm in the business of bringing out your true self.

and honoring everything that makes you - you. 

i'm in the business of bringing out your true self.

and honoring everything that makes you - you. 



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I BELIEVE Boudoir is for every Woman.

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I was extremely nervous going into the shoot. but I have done numerous sessions with Mindy and have loved every one! so I knew I had nothing to worry about. she helped with outfit planning and even tips before the shoot, directed poses and placement and even had a music playlist prepared. I felt so comfortable and confident! i left the session feeling so empowered. i didn’t expect to look at pictures of myself as much as i have already LOL. if you’re on the fence about it, or even just though about it. DO IT - and do it with Mindy!

Best Choice I Made!

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I have to say that this was probably the best decision I have ever made for myself!! If you are thinking about doing a shoot, DO IT!! Especially with Mindy!! Mindy made it so fun and comfortable the whole time!! I felt so confident after this experience!! Seeing the pictures of yourself along the way was so shocking!! You will be so shocked on how beautiful you truly are!! Mindy gets those perfect angles!! Every women is beautiful no matter what!! I highly recommend doing this!! 

Fun & Comfortable !

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I have no words besides, wow. I’m so happy I decided to take time for myself and step out of my comfort zone and do this. Ladies, if you’ve even thought for a second about doing a boudoir shoot, DO IT! Mindy makes it so easy to feel relax and comfortable during your session. You’ll be so thankful after you do it and you’re staring at your photos for hours 🤩

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I always wanted to do a boudoir session but always put it off because who after four kids feels comfortable doing these types of things, well if you do WAY TO GO! but I am not one that does there is always one little thing that can be nit picked. I always said after I get back in shape or loose a couple pounds in all reality who has time to do that working full time, going to school, sports, a house and a relationship, so as I sat here day after day of kids fighting, continued dishes, laundry, homework, and sitting in an oversized hoodies and leggings I seen Mindy’s post as was like “that’s it” I need to do that so here I planned it as the days got closer I got even more nervous thought about backing out time and time again but I needed this for myself to feel pretty again and to just get away from motherhood for a minute, MINDY is an AMAZING AMAZING photographer, she also did my engagement photos with a very un photogenic partner and made those beautiful So girls single or in a relationship I highly suggest to book one of these photos sessions it will make you feel amazing and regardless of weight, body type she will make you feel comfortable and amazing

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Individual sessions starting at $350 and couples starting at $500.  This is set up on your complimentary phone call. To book your call, fill out the form and a link will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Products start at $649. Packages begin at $999. On average my clients spend between $2500-$5000. All digital and print products are purchased separately. ( Yes I offer a ton of flexible payment plans!)

I offer custom payment plan options for all my photography clients. YOU get to decide how much you want to put towards your products each month. this way when its time for your photoshoot, its all taken care of! 

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